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Our Culture
In order to provide a high level of service, we adopted a strategy to build a culture and brand that would cultivate more than just a place for someone to complete a transaction; we wanted a culture that supported client relationship banking. We have found that as a result of relationship banking, many of our clients refer us to others, which we believe is a client’s greatest compliment.

Core Principles
Five core principles were developed and adopted by our team to support our actions and guide our decisions. These principles are frequently reviewed with our team as part of our effort to maintain our culture:

  • Passion – A level of intense excellence and commitment that goes over and above merely meeting the commercial considerations and legal requirements
  • Grace – Providing a high level of service, with courtesy and compassion. Learning to master a mindful, calm response to any situation.
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do, based on a firm adherence to the Bank’s three-way test:
  •         (1) Is it right by the client?
            (2) Is it right by the Bank?
            (3) Is it legally, morally, and ethically correct?

  • Tenacity – A culture of looking at new ideas, tackling challenges and overcoming obstacles in order to meet our clients’ needs.
  • Accountability – Accepting full and ultimate responsibility for the situation or action at hand.
These core principles and the Bank’s three-way test also serve as the foundation for our motto and operating strategy of, “Let’s think of a few good reasons why it CAN be done!” which is the overarching concept for our Company and team.

Our Competitive Strengths
We have positioned the Company to accomplish its mission statement of: “Building bankers to serve our clients and community in order to optimize shareholder value.” The result has yielded the following competitive strengths:

– Experienced and engaged management team with the support of a local Board of Directors:
– Strong Brand and Culture.
– Expertise in Commercial Lending.
– Effective and Flexible Technology.
– Stable and Scalable Platform.

Our Operating Strategy
Our business strategy and plan focuses on traditional, relationship-based banking. It is supported by our core principles that guide our activities as we follow policies and procedures that allow us to operate our community bank under sound and prudent banking practices.

The creativity and flexibility in our organizational structure has generated a strong risk management culture and a high level of understanding about our market from our management team.

The banking experience of our team and high-quality client service distinguishes us from other banks.

We believe it is through this foundation that we will be able to expand our products and services to our clients resulting in steady, long-term growth.

Our culture is focused on meeting our clients’ needs at a level that contributes to an increased depth of relationship which in turn supports client retention, enhanced profitability, and clients sharing their banking experiences with family, friends, and other businesses.
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