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Investor Relations

Deposit Loan Composition

 2011 Y 2012 Y 2013 Y 2014 Y
Period Ended12/31/201112/31/201212/31/201312/31/2014
Loan Composition (%)   
Total Gross Loans ($000)  77,58194,643123,104NA
Gross Loans HFI Growth NA21.9929.91NA
1-4 Family Loans / Loans NANA15.03NA
Multifamily Loans / Loans NANA10.16NA
Commercial Real Estate Loans / Loans 34.3437.5036.43NA
Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate Loans / Loans NANA46.60NA
Real Estate Loans / Loans NANA61.63NA
Construction & Development Loans / Loans 6.426.8010.52NA
Home Equity Loans / Loans NANA6.17NA
Credit Card Loans / Loans 000NA
Vehicle Loans / Loans NANA0.22NA
Other Consumer Loans / Loans 1.742.221.47NA
Consumer Loans / Loans NANA7.86NA
Commercial Loans / Loans 26.0420.9120.05NA
Foreign Loans / Loans 000NA
Other Loans / Loans 000NA
Unearned Income and Other Adjustments / Loans (0.05)(0.07)(0.06)NA
Deposit Composition (%)   
Total Deposits ($000)  115,573146,729183,365183,971
Deposit Growth NA26.9624.970.33
Transaction Acct Deps / Tot Deps 20.1527.8338.24NA
Savings Acct Deps / Tot Deposits 0.520.881.15NA
Money Mkt Deps / Tot Deposits 60.3660.0352.66NA
MMDA & Savings / Total Deposits 60.8760.9153.80NA
Retail Time Deps / Tot Deposits 3.232.402.02NA
Jumbo Time Deposits / Deposits 15.758.865.94NA
Tot Time Deposits / Tot Deposits 18.9811.267.96NA
Foreign Deposits / Total Deposits 0000
Other Deposits / Total Deposits 0000
Non-CDs / Total Deposits 81.0288.7492.04NA
Core Deposits / Total Deposits 84.2591.1494.06NA
Noninterest-bearing Deposits / Deposits 15.7419.9932.18NA
Interest-bearing Deposits / Deposits 84.2680.0167.82NA

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