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Investor Relations

Officers & Directors

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Executive Officers
   Sammie D. Dixon Jr.
Vice Chairman, President and CEO
   R. Randy Guemple
Executive Vice President & CFO
   Chris L. Jensen Jr.
Executive VP & Senior Lender
   Susan Payne Turner
Executive Vice President/Chief Risk Officer
   Nan Hillis
Strategic Planning Consultant

Board of Directors
   Richard A. Weidner (Chairman)
   William D. Crona
   Sammie D. Dixon Jr.
Vice Chairman, President and CEO
   Steven L. Evans
   R. Randy Guemple
   Chris L. Jensen Jr.
   Kathleen C. Jones
   Robert H. Kirby
   Frank L. Langston
   L. Collins Proctor Sr.
   Garrison A. Rolle
   Steven D. Smith
   Marjorie R. Turnbull

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